From time to time, MSFOMA is required to carry out formal consultations with stakeholders.  Information about future, current and past consultations will be listed here.

Future Consultations

Renewal of the Menai Strait Oyster and Mussel Fishery Order

The eastern Menai Strait is the most important aquaculture site in all of Wales, and the single largest mussel farming area in the whole of the UK.  The success of this area is due to the unique natural environment that is perfect for mussels; and also the legal protection (known as a “Fishery Order”) that allows local mussel farmers to cultivate mussels here secure in the knowledge that they can harvest the mussels that they cultivate.

In 2022 the “Fishery Order” that the Government made in 1962 is due to expire.  If it is not replaced then Wales will lose its leading place in UK aquaculture, and the local businesses and jobs that depend on the mussel fishery will vanish.  The renewal of this Fishery Order is important for Wales and for the local economy.

The mussel farmers that work in the Menai Strait are now starting the process of renewing the “Fishery Order” so that in 4 years’ time new legislation will be ready to take the place of the Order that was made in 1962.

You can find out more about our plans for renewing this Fishery Order here (English) and here  (Cymraeg).

Past Consultations

Menai Strait West Fishery Order: Consultation from October-November 2015

In October 2015 we issued consultation documents concerning the proposal to re-establish the old Menai Strait West Fishery Order.  This Order was established in 1978 and expired in 2008.  It allowed local shellfish farmers to cultivate mussels and oysters in the western Menai Strait.  These shellfish farmers have been working together to re-establish the Fishery Order and revitalise the shellfish farming industry.

Stakeholders were invited to submit comments on the Draft Fishery Order on or before 29th November 2015.  This consultation is now closed, and we are now meeting with stakeholders to discuss concerns that were raised during the consultation period.

Update – January 2018

Following discussions with stakeholders between late 2015 and early 2017, MSFOMA asked the Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary in July 2017 to determine the application for renewal of this Fishery Order.  Welsh Government officials have reviewed the application for the Fishery Order, and a decision on the application is expected imminently.

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