Membership & Participation

Our Articles of Association specify the membership of MSFOMA and how organisations and individuals can participate in meetings.  These Articles were drafted to ensure that when MSFOMA was created in 2010 it retained cross-sectoral participation in the management of the Fishery Order, and were revised in December 2020 to broaden participation by including Beaumaris Town Council and Bangor City Council.

The organisations and individuals listed in the Articles can participate in the governance of MSFOMA as Directors, Members, or Observers.  A list of the organisations that are permitted to participate in MSFOMA and an indication of their current role is provided below.

Organisation Representative Role*
Observer Member Director
Bangor City Council Gareth Roberts
Beaumaris Town Council Howard Mattocks
Centre for Applied Marine Sciences, Bangor University Lewis Le Vay
Gwynedd County Council Ioan Thomas
MSFOMA Chair Alan Winstone ×
MSFOMA Director – Administration Jim Andrews × ×
Mussel farmers James Wilson
Mussel gatherers Keith Andrews
Natural Resources Wales Kate Griffith
Welsh Government Various × ×
Ynys Môn County Council Iwan Huws

*In this table:-
✓ Indicates the role that a participant is presently fulfilling.
–  Indicates a role that a participant could fulfil but is not at present.
× Indicates a role that the participant is not allowed to adopt.

The different roles of participants

The Articles of Association of MSFOMA specify how Directors, Members and Observers can act.  This ensures that MSFOMA meetings are well informed and are conducted in accordance with legal requirements in an orderly and businesslike manner.  The Articles of Associaton can be viewed here.

In summary, Directors and Members are entitled to vote on motions. Observers are entitled to attend and speak at meetings, but not to vote on motions.

In addition to the organisations named specifically in its Articles, the Association can invite specialist Advisors to its meetings to ensure that it is adequately briefed on a subject before making decisions.

Good conduct

All Members, Directors, Observers and Advisors are required to observe the “Nolan Principles” of public life (available here) and to declare any interests that they may have in agenda items prior to the start of any meetings.

The attendance by Members, Directors, Observers and Advisors at all MSFOMA meetings is recorded in the minutes of Association meetings, which can be found here.