Statement of Interests

The participants in MSFOMA meetings listed below have all agreed to abide by the “Nolan Principles” for holders of public office with respect to selflessness, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. For each participant a brief statement of their interests is provided.

MSFOMA Members

Members of the Association are entitled to attend meetings and vote on motions.  The Members’ statements of interest are summarised below.

Alan Winstone, Chair

  • Chairman, Trustee and Director of the North Wales Rivers Trust
  • Director and Trustee of Afonydd Cymru.

Professor Lewis Le Vay, Bangor University

  • Research lead for a range of projects, some of which involve partnership working or co-funding from the shellfish industry.
  • Member of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain

James Wilson, Bangor Mussel Producers Ltd*

  • Mussel farmer, interested in all aspects associated with shellfish farming in the Fishery Order
  • Member of the Welsh Food Advisory Committee and Food Standards Agency (FSA), so interested in food safety issues.
  • Member of Welsh Food & Drink Industry Board (FDIBW), so interested in matters of food policy and their application in a Welsh context.

* These Members are also Directors of the Association.


Observers are representatives of organisations that are invited to attend meetings and observer the business of the Association.  They are not entitled to vote on motions.  The Observers’ statements of interest are summarised below.

Julian Bray, Welsh Government

  • Head of Domestic Fisheries Policy and Management Branch.

Michelle Billing, Welsh Government

  • Domestic Fisheries Policy and Management Branch – Fishery Orders

Laura Harris, Welsh Government

  • Domestic Fisheries Policy and Management Branch – Several Orders

Gareth Roberts, Bangor City Council

  • No interests to declare

Iwan Huws, Isle of Anglesey County Council

  • Also Chair of Y Felinheli Community Council
  • No interests to declare.

Kim Mould, NW-IFCA Bivalve Mollusc Working Group Member

  • Leaseholder of lays in eastern Menai Strait Fishery Order
  • Member of NW-IFCA’s Bivalve Mollusc Working Group, established to advice on bivalve mollusc fisheries in Morecambe Bay.

Trevor Jones, Menai West Fishery Order Observer

  • Leaseholder of a lay in the eastern Menai Strait Fishery Order area
  • Prospective leaseholder for a lay in the western Menai Strait Fishery Order

Howard Mattocks, Beaumaris Town Council

  • Beaumaris Bay is on the edge of the Fishery Order area.
  • Beaumaris Town Council has an interest in the deep water mooring licensed by Anglesey County Council that are located within the Fishery Order area.


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