Watch out there’s a slipper limpet about!


Slipper limpets (Crepidula fornicata). Photo by Chloe Powell-Jennings

Slipper limpets are small molluscs from North America that spread across the Atlantic to the UK and northern Europe in the 19th century.  They are an “Invasive Non Native Species”.

Slipper limpets can cause a great deal of damage.  They can become highly abundant, starving and smothering native shellfish.  Slipper limpets have been responsible for the loss of mussel and oyster beds.  You can find out more abou them on the GB Non-Native Species Information Portal (GBNNSIP).

There have recently been some sightings of slipper limpets in the southern end of the Menai Strait at several locations: near to Brynsiencyn; near to Tal y Foel stables; and also at Abermenai Point.

You can help to monitor slipper limpets in the area.  If you seen any slipper limpets, please can you:

  1. Record the location.
  2. If you can, please take a photograph of them where you find them, ideally using a phone or camera with GPS location setting switched “on”.
  3. Collect all of the slipper limpets that you find.
  4. Take them home and put them in the freezer.
  5. Contact the Marine Team at Natural Resources Wales to report your find.  It would be best to do this by e-mail:

Because of the economic impact that slipper limpets can cause it is an offence to release them into the wild.  This includes the use of live or fresh slipper limpets as angling bait or the disposal of slipper limpets at sea.  So if you see any, please don’t be tempted to try them out as bait.

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